In Tripograph, we like to take things seriously at the same time creatively. We respect our profession and work to the maximum until every project achieve to its highest potential, because we understand opportunities do not come easIily.

Xenon Systems
Web Design, HTML/CSS Development,
Content Management System (CMS),
Print Collateral, Banner Advertising

Smart Snax
Brand Identity, Logo Design, Stationery,
Print Collateral, Packaging, Web Design
HTML/CSS Development

Model Driving School
Brand Identity, Web Design,
Flash Development

Designer Furniture Collection
Web Design, HTML/CSS Development

Lotus Village
Brand Identity, Web Design,
HTML/CSS Development, E-Commerce
Content Management System (CMS)

Xenon Construction
Brand Identity, Logo Design, Stationery,
Print Collateral, Web Design,
HTML/CSS Development

Temple Cleansing Studio
Brand Identity, Web Design

Colon Irrigation Melbourne
Print Brochure,
Promotional Video

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Stationary

Elf Publisher
Brand Identity, Logo Design, Stationery
Print Collateral

Annual Product Catalogue

Logo Showcase 2011
Logo Design